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Yu took a few more moments before turning around to face the host. Poisoning himdid pop into mind for a split second, but of course, it was not conceivable. “Was I found out already? As expected from the detective sir.” He ended with a chuckle.

“Ah, I do remember you buying these often,” he said as he picked up the cabbage head he left in the sink. “There will be no steak. A hostage has no right to eat in such luxury.”

He eyed the dining table right next to the cramped kitchen. No knife, nothing. He turned back, looking at Adachi. He said nothing at first, but he did wonder if the man was going to take a seat there.

“Do you think I’m enjoying myself?” A pause. “I would just like to take up on your offer.”

Then I mean, why are you even talking to me? Let alone making me something to eat if you aren’t all swell and happy about coming here." Adachi sighed slightly. How troublesome, Yu was going to cook for him and then what? Were they suppose to have some sort of relaxing conversation, all shits and giggles. Adachi much rather get this over with now then wait for him to finish cooking him a free dinner.

The sounds of heel pressing against the kitchen floor gave recognition that a certain detective was moving, and pretty fast. A hand shot out to grab the boy by the wrist, and he leaned against the counter. Eyes looking slightly menacing, but more annoyed then anything.

How about this, lets just talk this over and get it over with. I’m really not in the mood for this right now, besides this is my trailer ya know?








— I mean

Why would I be scared h-haha!!  Ghosts aren’t reaaaaal.

That’d be just…





now excuse me, i’ve got very important things to attend to.

under my bed.


*Casually laughing more than he should*

{ Le casually laughing at his misfortune. }

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Yu picked out a few ingredients and carefully placed them on the small counter to avoid dropping anything. All the round ones were placed in the sink so they wouldn’t roll around.

“So that’s what happened…” He murmured when hearing the explanation that Adachi gave. Noticing the stain on his clothes and the strong smell did raise a few questions for him. So many things about this person was questionable. 

“For someone who was fearing for their safety just a few minutes ago, you sure are at ease now.” Being out of sight, he let a frown show on his face. It was his own decision to come here, but he was much more mentally distressing than he had imagined. Hopefully, they would be able to solve all conflict without starting a war. How did Souji deal with this man, he wondered.

“In any case… how about I prepare something for you? I cooked often for my friends back in… my original world.”

W-well yeah… I mean you’re cooking for me now right? Whats the worse that can happen?" Adachi mumbled rather enthusiastically as he exited his room with a new change of clothing. Of course, it was the same thing he wore as before just cleaner.

Unless you plan on posioning me—which you don’t right?"Adachi paused for a moment, hands thumbing his tie nervously. Wondering just how the other would react. Not that it really mattered to Adachi, because he knew the other well enough to not do something as stupid as that.

Well.. I guess if you HAVE to make me something… Um, um… How about something with cabbages. Like cabbage stew, or some steak with cabbages… Mmm." Adachi nodded merrily, tying his tie in a sloppy knot.

…Soo, you uh. Enjoying yourself here?

Okay, let’s try this: Prompt meme!


Like a kinkmeme without the kinks

Let’s try this out and see how it goes! The rules are simple:

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With all that said, let’s all have fun with this, shall we?

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Mun feels honored

“Always nice to see another friendly face. Hey there!”

Same! You seem like a pretty whore girl! The names Tohru Adachi, but you can just call me Adachi.

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Sho | Adachi


“Lazy is an understatement, n factorial. There’s hardly any imagination… any beauty in the things these stupid zeroes do. Even in the smallest of accomplishments, these 000s hold onto each moment dearly as if they roamed amongst kings and queens. In my opinion, it’s hard to remain remotely sane.”

Placing his index finger at the tip of his mouth precociously, his golden oculars staring with a vigorous, impulsive nature. A sinister, brooding feeling continued to further seep throughout the environment. A small chuckle escaped his lips, raising his hands upward, blatantly speaking as his judgmental attitude remained in tact.

“Quit it. I’m not some average, everyday teenager. Go figure, I’m a young adult by this point—biologically speaking. So don’t even try to lump me in with the rest of these hollow-skulled hectopascals!”

A frustrated glare darted across the room as he pointed accusingly. The detective’s wordage often annoyed Minamimoto, genuinely rubbing him the wrong way. Considering the animalistic Shinigami fed off of pure negativity in the first place, the Grim Heaper’s urges became denser with each word.

“I wouldn’t. ‘Sides, you don’t seem like the type of upfront guy that would make my life easier. On the contrary, you seem like the type of nuisance that merely exists to perpetuate my significance to gargantuan levels. From 0 to INFINITY!”

Aha, I know ain’t it hilarious?" Adachi agreed, though his mind couldn’t help but laugh at the man who seemed to fit right in with everyone else. In terms of personality at least, though his mind seemed to be calculative which made this detective all the more interested.

Alright, alright I wont. Its just an observation. Obviously I was wrong." He chuckled slightly, holding one hand up in the air trying to push what was just said away.

Oh? That sounds like a compliment. Really, I just wanted to get to know who you are. And I can’t help but admire how interesting you are, not only did you do that bomb scare but…" A small smirk curled around his cheeks, his face looking rather cynical compared to the other, "It seems like you plan on doing some more then just that.

What a welcome.


“Really? Can’t blame them. I dunno everything that goes on in here but from what I see, it doesn’t look too good.” He rubbed underneath his chin for a couple of moments, looking at the man curiously. Wondering why exactly no one had done anything, he thought deeper. He could understand feeling inferior without abilities or powers, but if anyone really wanted to leave, they could have at least put forth a valiant effort in order to do so. Adachi seemed to have known a decent amount about the circus and it’s people, thus prompting the next question. “So who would you say isn’t one of us? Like.. who’s the ‘bad guys’ here?”

His cheerful personality soon began restoring as he stood closer to the male in front. Wiping the initial sweat off of his face, he continued staring in a gaze. There was something that brought him in closer and closer. He seemed like another normal, regular guy who got dealt some bad cards. Compelling enough! Adachi’s compliments made Rin perk up even more (almost to the point of blushing).

“You think so? Man, I’m not really used to compliments. Especially back home, but.. if you say so! I’m not lookin’ for fights right now. I’m lookin’ for someone to show me around, that’s all.”

True, but well… Maybe people just can’t help but like it here. I kinda wanna go home, but sometimes… I dont know, well I’m sure you’ll know what I mean once you hang around for a bit." Adachi nodded triumphantly. He had no intentions of letting the other know of anything remotely cynical he was capable of. For now, he would play it off as he always had. With how naive this kid seemed to be, their was no way he’d be able to know. Unless he randomly some how met one of ‘them’, and then somehow managed to get on the topic about him. Of course, that would be next to impossible. Even if it did happen, so long as Adachi kept him close. The kid would surely fall for the detectives trap.

So you wanna talk about the bad guys huh? Well… No one can really do anything too, too bad. Considering you know, everyone got stripped of their powers and what not. ‘But there are a few people you should becareful of. One of them is probably Sho—another Izaya… Hmm and then I heard about this guy Hazama. I say you better watch out for him! Apparently he’s gone and beaten a few people up. Like breakin’ poor little girls arms… Disgusting if you ask me." Shaking his head, wafts of raven hair flew about making his head of hair messier then it already were. The more Adachi talked to him the more Rin seemed to warm up, hopefully within time they’d become closer. Of course, this was all going to be to his own advantage after all.

Yeah I mean it, and if you need anything just come to me. I’ve been here for a few months so I know this place pretty well!



“Ah, I apologize.” He said with his usual soft tone. A hit like that must have hurt a little, but it was not as if it was something grave. ((OH WAIT. HAVE I AVENGED MY BROTHERS WHO HAVE HAD THEIR NOSE BROKEN BY YOU))

Yu stopped at the kitchen but followed the host with his gaze. It was such an awkward situation that he wanted to laugh, but of course, he could not do that. Casually, he opened the fridge and scanned through it. He listened to the speech at the same time but added nothing to it. ‘That side of him‘… Ah, if only everything could be as simple and it sounded.

When it was finally his turn to speak, he only asked, “Have you eaten yet, Adachi-san?”

Adachi scoffed slightly, finishing up in the bathroom before leaving it and flipping the light switch off. He noticed that the other was looking for something, their wasn’t much of anything when it came to appetizing, but everything was bearable.

Nah, not yet. Just drank a few cans of beer." He shrugged lightly, now heading down the hallway and into his room, "Yeah, just help yourself to whatever, I need to go change my shirt. It looks like I pissed myself and missed." He joked, entering his room and scanning his closet for a clean shirt to wear. Everything was the same, jacket, tie, pants, shoes, socks…. Which made him laugh when he first arrived, but now he just thought it was annoying.

What a welcome.


“It’s not that I need them, they just… they’re a big part of me. I guess I need some time to focus on me though. I don’t wanna trade in somethin’ I need so there’s no reason for me to keep talkin’ about it. Hopefully all of the people here aren’t whining for their powers like dumb asses if they’re not willin’ to pay up!”

How contradictory, considering he was often the one being called mentally incapable as well as his mini-breakdown upon the realization that his blade was gone, but the more he listened to Adachi speak, the more he began to perk up at an accelerated pace. He was so accustomed to his sword that he didn’t feel himself without it. He really was an airhead, but rather a teenage airhead who doesn’t know how to deal with emotion properly. A smile could be seen on his face by this point as the detective continued speaking.

“Ha, you know he’ll meet his match! As soon as I wrap my hands around him, he’s dead meat!!”

Haha, you’d be surprised! A lot of people here kinda whine and complain a lot. I guess we all wanna get out though, but man… You think with the amazing people we got going on in here. Someone should’ve done something by now!" Adachi exclaimed, holding a finger up as if to point this out matter-of-factual. He was happy though, it was clear that the boy was starting to warm up to him. That was good, much like the teens he knew of well. The detective would have to stay by the kids side frequently if he wanted this to work out.

Really? GOOD THEN! At least you will do some—well I feel bad. I wish I could do something. But I’m only one detective, without a gun, and badgeless." He pouted slightly, rubbing nervously at the back of his head, "But just becareful… You just got here, I don’t want to see you getting all beat up? Alright? We need more kids like you around here." Again he winked.